Svante Linusson


Department of Mathematics
SE-100 44 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 790 9444 (office)
+46 70 444 7906 (mobile phone)
Email: linusson ( avoid spam )
Office number: 3631


During fall term of 2017 I will teach
SF1671 Baskurs i matematik Diskret för D-linjen and
SF2740 a master course in graph theory.
If you want to do a master thesis in combinatorics, you can contact me, see above. See also master in combinatorics.
- Conference for Donald Knuth 80 in Piteå.

- Jag har skrivit en reflektion om mina erfarenheter efter 3 år som ordförande för Vetenskapsrådets beredningsgrupp i matematik.

- Prime numbers on my bathroom wall!


Research interests: Combinatorics, both pure and in relation with algebra, topology and probability. I enjoy when the problems arise in other fields such as biology, computer science and theoretical physics. Recently I have also been stimulated by mathematical questions coming from electoral systems.

- List of publications
- Combinatorics seminar at KTH
-The combinatorics group at KTH.

Coauthors: Erik Aas, Sven Erick Alm, Christos Athanasiadis, Arvind Ayyer, Eric Babson, Jörgen Backelin, Anders Björner, Jan Boman, Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Jérémie Bouttier, Anders Claesson, Sylvie Corteel, Kimmo Eriksson, Henrik Eriksson, Jonna Gill, Olivier Guibert, Axel Hultman, Johan Håstad, Svante Janson, Robert Johansson, Madeleine Leander, Vincent Moulton, Eran Nevo, Francois Nunzi, Gustav Ryd, John Shareshian, Jonas Sjöstrand, Mike Steel, Michelle Wachs, Volkmar Welker, David Wood, Johan Wästlund.

Current graduate students: Samu Potka (PhD)
Current post docs: Per Alexandersson, Robin Sulzgruber
Former students (including Master students): Erik Ouchterlony (PhD), Alexander Engström(PhD), Erik Aas (PhD), Jakob Jonsson (fil.lic), Jonna Gill (fil.lic), Johan Thapper (fil.lic), Patrik Norén(fil.lic), Anders Ingestedt (master), Johan Malmborg (master), Robert Johansson (master), Gustav Nordh (master), Pio Korinth (master), Erik Alfthan (master), Madeleine Leander (master),Stefan Engström (master) Ofir Ammar (master), Stefan Heuer (master), Rebecca Staffas (master).

Matematik och demokrati (In Swedish): Papers I have written on electoral systems. In particular a presentation of why the method by Webster/ Sainte-Laguë (uddatalsmetoden), which is used for distributing seats in the Swedish parliament proportionally to the number of votes, is a reasonable method. Also papers to aid the "Valprövningsnämnd" in decisions on whether to have reelection or not after the 2010 elections in Sweden.

I am editor-in-chief of Electronic Journal of Combinatorics.
I am chairman of the evaluation panel for mathematical sciences at the Swedish Research Concil (beredningsgruppen för matematik vid VR).
I am vice head of the division of mathematics at the department of mathematics at KTH.
I am member of program committee for AofA 2018 in Uppsala.

Old information

I was member of program committee for FPSAC 2016 in Vancouver.
I was director of the Stockholm Mathematics Center 2013-2015.
Valanalys under valkvällen 2014 och inför onsdagsräkningen.
I was member of the central employment committee Anställningsutskottet 2007-2015 at KTH.
During the spring term of 2016 I taught
SF2716 Special Topics in Combinatorics.
During fall term of 2015, 2016 and 2017 I taught
SF1671 Baskurs i matematik Diskret för D-linjen.
During 2015 I taught SF2740 Graph Theory.

During 14/15 i taught
SF1659 Baskurs i matematik för OPEN1 and
SF2741 Enumerative Combinatorics.

Petter Brändén and I are organizing the Nordic Combinatorics Conference 2013. I am member of the board of the KTH outreach initiative, KTH samtal.
I am on the program committee for FPSAC 2014, in Chicago, USA in 2014.
I was Research Fellow 2007-2012 at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences supported by a grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.
During the academic year 11/12 I am visiting UC Berkeley.
I organized a Workshop on electoral methods, May 30-31, 2011.

I was member of the Swedish National Committee for Mathematics under the Royal Academy of Science 2002-2011. I was vice chairman for the same committee 2002-2008.
I was a member of the steering board of the Stockholm mathematics center 2010-2011.
I was memeber of the program committee for FPSAC 2011, in Reykjavik, Iceland in June 2011.
I organized a session in discrete mathematics at the Swedish-Catalan Conference in Barcelona, 16-18 Sept, 2010.
Jag har varit sammankallande i en grupp som utrett möjligheten att starta ett matematikcentrum i Stockholm.

Björner Festschrift

A special volume of Electronic Journal of Combinatorics in honor of Anders Björner's 60th birth day.

Teachinc 2011/2012:
Algebra och geometri.
Convex polytopes och Matematiska sfären.
Applied combinatorics, VT 2011.
Avancerad kurs i grafteori, HT 2009.
Festive Combinatorics a symposium in honor of Anders Björner's 60th birth day.

5B1204 Diskret Matematik för D2, VT 2006.
Polytoper Seminariekurs II, VT 2007.
Doktorandkurs i hyperplansarrangemang, HT 2007.
Doktorandkurs i grafteori, HT 2008.
I was member of the program committee for the conferece Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics 2007 taking place in Tianjin, China.
I have been the head of the Swedish node of an EU-network in Algebraic Combinatorics.

Jag har varit aktiv i Stockholmspartiet och rekommenderar följande bok om erfarenheterna av att göra cykelbanor och cykelfält i Stockholm.

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