Geometrical Aspects of Spectral Theory

                                                                    Matrei, East Tirol, Austria       July 2 - 12, 2005

General Information

The workshop will focus on recent developments in the area of spectral geometry, in particular on low lying eigenvalues, spectral asymptotics and aspects of scattering theory. It is financed by SPECT, a network of the European Science Foundation, and is also supported and co-organized by the International Erwin Schrödinger Institute for Mathematical Physics ESI.

The Workshop is going to take place in Matrei, East Tirol, Austria in 2005, July 2-12 and is a follow up of the workshop in 1999 which also took place in Matrei. The one in 2005 will also be held in Hotel Outside. Please look up the home page of the hotel:

There you find also a route-planner. According to the information we got from the hotel concerning the travel route to Matrei it seems to be best to go first by plane to Klagenfurt, Carynthia. You can fly to Klagenfurt from various german towns and certainly from Vienna. Then one can go by train to Lienz, East Tirol, and from there onwards by bus. There are other possibilities, e.g. from Salzburg. If a larger group would arrive at the same time in Kitzbühl, Tirol, a touristic town which can be easily reached from Munich, the hotel might provide a shuttle. Please contact the administration of ESI in case you need further information. One additional remark: There is another Matrei in Tirol at the Brenner, do not confuse it with the one in East Tirol!

Ms Isabella Miedl will be the member of the ESI-administration who will be in charge of the organisation and also the booking of the rooms. Her email address is:

We expect that we will have on the average 3 talks a day in order to have also time for discussions. If it is raining we might have more talks and on sunny days we might use more time for hiking. We hope to have soon a web page concerning our workshop, which will be updated from time to time.

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