DNA Workshop

Number Theory and Quantum Chaos


The workshop will take place on april 14 at the KTH math department (directions) in room 3733 on the 7th floor. If you have any questions, contact Pär Kurlberg (last name at math.kth.se).


13.00-13.40 Zeév Rudnick Moments of L-functions
13.50-14.30 Fredrik Strömberg Computational aspects of Maass cusp forms with nontrivial multiplier systems
14.40-15.20 Pär Kurlberg Lattice points on circles and the discrete velocity model for the Boltzmann equation
(Unfortunately Stefan Lemurell could not come.)
15.20-15.50 Coffee break
15.50-16.30 Andreas Strömbergsson Effective Computation of Maass Cusp Forms
16.40-17.20 Kurt Johansson Number variance saturation and determinantal processes