Hi! I'm Vasia Kalavri.

I have just defended my PhD at KTH, Stockholm, and UCL, Belgium, where I was an EMJD-DC fellow. My supervisors were Vladimir Vlassov at KTH and Peter Van Roy at UCL.
I am doing research in distributed data processing and large-scale graph analysis. I am a committer and PMC member of Apache Flink and I mostly work on its graph processing library and API, Gelly.

I write papers, supervise Master theses, and give lectures.

I also like giving talks.

I speak at academic conferences, industrial and developer conferences, meetups, and tech events.

Berlin Buzzwords '16

Graphs As Streams: Rethinking Graph Processing in the Streaming Era.


Demystifying Distributed Graph Processing.

Flink Forward'15

Automatic Detection of Web Trackers.

Graph Databases Berlin Meetup

Batch and Stream Graph Processing with Apache Flink.

Want to talk distributed systems, graphs, Apache Flink?
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