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Jonas Hallgren

Mathematical Statistics

Mathematical Statistics Faculty

  • Nowcasting with Dynamic Data Masking. Work in progress.
  • Measuring Causality in Multivariate High-Frequency Time Series with Probabilistic Graphical Models. Work in progress.
  • Testing for Causality in Continuous Time Bayesian Network Models of High-Frequency Data. Preprint (arXiv).
  • Decomposition Sampling applied to Parallelization of Metropolis-Hastings. Preprint (arXiv).

Conference Talks
  • Nowcasting with Dynamic Data Masking and Regularized Regression. PDF Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE 2015), London, December 2015.
  • An Algorithm for Parallelization of MCMC. The Swedish Research Students Conference in Statistics, Stockholm, April 2013.
  • Calibration of Stochastic Volatility Models using Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods. PDF. Bachelier Finance Society 7th World Congress (BFS 2012), Sydney, June 2012.


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Published by: Jonas Hallgren 02-Jun-2016