Ref. Date Institution/Source Description
1 2020-02-25 Public Health Agency The risk of the virus spreading in Sweden is upgraded from "very low" to "low"
2 2020-02-27 First case in Stockholm
3 2020-03-02 Public Health Agency The risk of the virus spreading in Sweden is upgraded from "low" to "moderate"
4 2020-03-06 The Foreign Ministry Advises against all non-essential travel to northern Italy and South Korea until further notice.
5 2020-03-10 Public Health Agency Avoid non-essential visits to hospitals and care homes
6 2020-03-10 Public Health Agency The risk of the virus spreading in Sweden is upgraded to "very high"
7 2020-03-10 Public Health Agency Case of possible community spread detected in Stockholm
8 2020-03-11 The Foreign Ministry Advises against non-essential travel to the Austrian state of Tyrol & USA
9 2020-03-11 Government Ban all public events for over 500 people.
10 2020-03-11 First death
11 2020-03-12 Public Health Agency Anyone with symptoms of the coronavirus or a cold, regardless of whether or not you have been travelling, to stay at home and limit social contact until you have been symptom-free for at least two days.
12 2020-03-14 The Foreign Ministry Urged against non-essential travel to anywhere in the world.
13 2020-03-16 Public Health Agency Community spread in society confirmed
14 2020-03-16 Public Health Agency Working from home recommendation
15 2020-03-17 SL Entrace buses at the back doors only
16 2020-03-17 Government Senoir high school distance learning recommendation
17 2020-03-19 Public Health Agency Stay at home if you feel at all unwell.
18 2020-03-19 Public Health Agency Work from home if you can
19 2020-03-20 Universities Universities are closing their doors, distance learning
20 2020-03-22 Prime minister Urged everyone to step up and do their part to prevent the spread of the virus.
21 2020-03-23 SL Reduced timetables from Monday.
22 2020-03-27 Government Sweden is banning gatherings of more than 50 people
23 2020-03-31 Prime minister underlined once again the individual responsibility of people in Sweden to help limit the spread of the coronavirus.
24 2020-04-03 SL Stay home. Only travel if you really have to
25 2020-04-06 SL Returned to full capacity in an effort to avoid crowding
26 2020-04-09 All commercial flights between Sweden and the UK suspended
27 2020-04-16 Prime minister "It is "far too early" to start easing restrictions, said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven as he thanked those people in Sweden who had heeded calls not to travel during the Easter break. He urged people to keep following the advice of health authorities and do their utmost to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. "This is not about you, it is about your fellow human beings," he said.
28 2020-04-16 Government The government had decided to extend an entry ban on travel to the EU via Sweden, for another 30 days. Swedish citizens, residents and people with important reasons to come to Sweden will still be able to travel to Sweden.
29 2020-06-13 Government Sweden lift restrictions on domestic travel, allowing peiple without symptioms to travel withing the country this summer.
30 2020-08-18 Government Sweden's 'gymnasium' upper secondary schools and Universities will restart physical classes.
31 2020-09-02 Government Sweden's coronavirus restrictions are expected to remain in place this autumn
32 2020-09-24 Prime minister urged people to get better at following coronavirus recommendations to curb the rising infection rate in Sweden.
33 2020-10-01 Government People who live in the same houshold as someone infected with coronavirus could be ordered to stay at home
34 2020-10-05 Public Health Agency Recommending working from home until at least the end of 2020
35 2020-10-07 Swedish Health Authorities have highlighted some regions that are seeing a clear rise in new coronavirus infections, including Stockholm
36 2020-10-29 Swedish Health Authorities Stockholm will be getting stricter local regulations
37 2020-11-03 Public Health Agency Only groups of eight people or fewer will be permitted in restaurants.
38 2020-11-11 Prime minister ... It also seems like we are moving towards darker times when it comes to the spread of infection [...] Every decision we take makes a difference ...
39 2020-11-20 Stockholm Stockholm imposed ban visits to sheltered housing for the elderly and close museums, galleries, gyms and public swimming baths in order to slow the spread of indection.
40 2020-11-22 Prime minister "... The things we do wrong now as a country, we will suffer for later. The things we do right, will give us joy later," he said, adding that people should limit their close contacts to those in the same household, or if they live alone, to one or two people (and remember to keep a physical distance to each other)...
41 2020-11-24 Government All public events in Sweden for more than eight people are banned
42 2020-12-01 Public Health Agency Sympto-free children should stay at home from school if someone in their households tests positive.
43 2020-12-04 Sweden's state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has acknowledged that he underestimated the number of Covid-19 deaths in mid-November, when the number of deaths reached levels not seen since May.
44 2020-12-06 SL The arrangements on the buses to allow passengers safetly board with front doors has started.
45 2020-12-07 Government The upper seconday schools should be closed untill January 6th
46 2020-12-08 Government The government announced the national coronavirus recommendations which will apply over the festive period. The key message was to meet as few people as possible, stay home, sticking to a 'bubble' of no more than eight people total.
47 2020-12-09 Stockholm is now reporting that 99 percent of its intensive care beds are currently occupied, both by Covid-19 patients and other patients.
48 2020-12-14 Stockholm 13- to 15-year-old schoolchildren shifts to tonline distance learning
49 2020-12-14 Government Sweden's new national coronavirus guidelines came into effect today, including recommendations to socialise with as few people as possible, "people you live with or just a few friends and relatives outside your household"
50 2020-12-14 Sweden registered more deaths last month than in any other November in more than 100 years, making it the deadliest November since the year the Spanish flu broke out.
51 2020-12-17 King In SVT programme "The year with the royal family" the Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf describes 2020 as "terrible" and the national coronavirus strategy as having "failed".
52 2020-12-17 The ban on entry to Sweden from countries outside the bloc is still in place until January 31st.
53 2020-12-18 Public Health Agency will recommend the use of face masks on public transport at certain times, primarily rush hour. The new guidelines will be presented before many people return to work after the Christmas break on January 7th, the agency's director Johan Carlson said.
54 2020-12-18 Goverment Upper secondary schools will continue distance learning until at least January 24th
55 2020-12-18 Government A maximum of four people will be allowed per group at restaurants (currently the maximum is eight people)
56 2020-12-22 Sweden has join a growing list of countries to ban travel from the UK over concerns of a new Covid strain, the Swedish government confirmed on Sunday.
57 2020-12-22 Sweden has also imposed an entry ban on people travelling from Denmark, which came into effect at midnight and is also set to last for a month.
58 2020-12-27 Sweden has started vaccination.
59 2020-12-30 Public Health Agency From 7th January, you should, on weekdays 7-9am and 4-6pm, use a face mask when travelling on public transport where a seated ticket is not offered
60 2021-01-07 Government Sweden's new recommendations for face masks on public transport come into force today. This means you should wear a mask when travelling on public transport between 7-9am and 4-6pm on weekdays, and public transport should still only be used for necessary reasons.
61 2021-01-11 Government One of those decisions means that visitors to shops, gyms and public pools, among other places, will be limited to a maximum of one person per ten square metres, and venues in violation of these rules may be handed fines.
62 2021-01-11 Government The other new rule is that there is now an eight-person limit on private events organised in commercially hired venues, in order to close a loophole in the public event limit. It doesn't apply to private gatherings – for example meeting people at home.
63 2021-01-15 Government Entry ban on travel from Denmark and the United Kingdom. The ban, which has been in effect since late December will now continue until January 31st, the Swedish government said in a statement.
64 2021-01-17 Goverment Under Sweden's pandemic law, which came into force on Sunday, regional authorities are responsible for ensuring that businesses and individuals follow the rules. The legally binding measures currently include a maximum number of visitors in shops, gyms and other similar venues.
65 2021-01-19 Around 147,000 people have received the coronavirus vaccine in Sweden so far.
66 2021-01-21 Government The current recommendation for upper secondary schools (gymnasieskolor, usually for 16-18-year olds) to switch to remote learning was extended until April 1st, but adapted so that schools may have some parts of teaching in-person, in combination with distance learning.
67 2021-01-21 Government The recommendation to wear face masks on public transport between 7-9am and 4-6pm on weekdays meanwhile was extended "for the rest of the spring".
68 2021-02-04 Everyone in Sweden aged over 65 will be included in the next priority group for the Covid-19 vaccine. 276,008 people have been given at least one dose of vaccine.
69 2021-02-04 Government New travel restrictions will come into force from Saturday, requiring foreign citizens who do not live in Sweden to show a negative Covid-19 test in order to enter the country.
70 2021-02-23 Public Health Agency Stockholm has introduced further coronavirus measures, effective immediately. These include: wear face masks on public transport at all times and in close-contact situations, for example the workplace, grocery store, pharmacy or hairdresser
71 2021-03-03 Stockholms head of healthcare Stockholm’s head of healthcare has warned that the third wave of the coronavirus is already affecting the capital region, with the number of new cases almost having doubled in three weeks.
72 2021-03-10 More than a million (8.4%) vaccinations have now been carried out in Sweden.
73 2021-04-01 Public Health Agency National recommendation for upper secondary schools to use distance learning will be lifted, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all older pupils will return to the classroom from that date.
74 2021-04-13 More Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care in Sweden than at any other point in 2021
75 2021-04-20 Public Health Agency “It’s about keeping distance, it’s not complicated, it’s distance that makes the difference,” said Tegnell.
76 2021-04-22 More than a two million (24.6%) received at least one dose of vaccine.
77 2021-04-28 Four cases of a variant of coronavirus first discovered in India have been confirmed in the Stockholm area. No other cases of this variant are currently known in Sweden.
78 2021-05-11 More than a three million (36.9%) received at least one dose of vaccine.
79 2021-06-01 Government From today, amusement and animal parks can reopen, albeit with a limited number of visitors. Permanent amusement parks such as Liseberg, Gröna Lund, Skara Sommarland and others will be allowed one person per 20 square metres. Up to 50 people will be allowed at cinemas, theatres and other seated indoor events. Up to 500 spectators are also allowed at sports events that can offer designated seating. In smaller arenas or standing events, the maximum is 100 spectators.
80 2021-06-16 Government Sweden’s recommendations for the general public on how they should act to curb the spread of Covid-19 were today extended until at least September 30th. These include the requirements for individuals to stay at home if they experience symptoms of Covid-19, to work from home to the extent possible, to keep a distance from other people, and to limit their new contacts by only socialising with their closest circle and avoiding environments where there is a risk of crowding.
81 2021-07-01 Government From today, Up to 300 people will be allowed at seated indoor events and up to 3,000 for outdoor events. For events without designated seating, the limits will be up to 50 people indoors, 600 outdoors, and 900 at outdoor running events and races. These limits will also be subject to social distancing rules which means they may be lower depending on individual venues.
82 2021-07-01 SL The ticket validation when entering the buses is now operational in whole system.
83 2021-07-02 Almost 5 million people have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and 3,169,215 have been given two doses. This corresponds to 61 and 38.7 percent, respectively, of Sweden’s total adult population.
84 2021-07-15 Government Public events and gatherings are limited to a maximum of 3,000 people if audiences are seated outdoors
85 2021-07-20 The spread of infection appears to be on the increase, with Stockholm reporting 440 confirmed coronavirus infections in the week starting July 5th, up from 374 the week before. On Friday July 16th, the region reported 606 new cases from the previous Friday.
86 2021-08-06 Public Health Agency The spread of Covid-19 continues to increase in large parts of Sweden, with new cases rising 30 percent last week. The 14-day incidence rate stood at 59 cases per 100,000 people, which the Public Health Agency noted “means that the spread of infection is no longer at low levels”.
87 2021-08-18 Stockholm Region Schools and High schools return from distance learning
88 2021-08-31 A total of 6,705,024 people aged over 18 have been given at least one dose of the vaccine, and 5,685,722 have been given two doses. This corresponds to 81.9 and 69.4 percent, respectively, of Sweden’s adult population. Out of people aged 15 to 17, 189,264 have received their first dose (53.8 percent of this age group) and 17,788 have received two doses (5.1 percent).
89 2022-01-13 SL The front doors of the buses have been closed, there is no ticket validation on most of the buses.
90 2022-02-09 SL The ticket validation when entering the buses is now operational in whole system.
91 2022-02-09 Nearly all Covid restrictions and recommendations were removed in Sweden today
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