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About my position

Note that I am no longer affiliated with KTH.

Starting in July 2007 and ending in June 2012, I was a research assistant (Forskarassistent) in mathematics (topological combinatorics), funded by the Swedish Research Council ("Vetenskapsrådet").

Information about my position from the Council's website (in Swedish)
(Local copy if the server is busy.)

My application. Among the four "new directions" listed in the research programme (Appendix A), I spent most time on the very first one, i.e., analyzing the homology of simplicial complexes using group actions. Accepted paper containing some new results.

Besides doing research, I also did some teaching (33%). This part was funded by KTH.

About me

In 2005, I received my PhD degree from KTH. The subject of my thesis was topological combinatorics; follow this link for more information about my thesis, which was written under the supervision of Anders Björner. Before returning to KTH, I spent some time in Berlin at the Technical University of Berlin, in Stockholm/Djursholm at the Mittag-Leffler Institute, and in Cambridge, MA, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Until 2002, I worked as a cryptographer for three years at RSA Laboratories in Stockholm. As a consequence, I have been doing research not only in mathematics but also in cryptography. Starting July 2012, I am again working in the field of cryptography at the Stockholm-based company Subset.

Here is an extended CV, including accounts on research and teaching.

This is me (October 2008).

I suffer from deuteranomaly, which means that I am poor at discriminating small differences in hues in the red/orange/yellow/green region of the color spectrum. In this image, the two pictures look very similar to me. Depending on the screen, the ovals in the upper picture either are invisible to me or appear as a very faint glow.


A revised version of my thesis, Simplicial Complexes of Graphs, was published within the Lecture Notes in Mathematics series as Volume 1928. Official web page. More information is available on my thesis page.

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