EL3210 Multivariable Feedback Control

8 credits, FALL TERM 2017

Course objective

The course will give an introduction to the design and analysis of linear multivariable control systems. The focus is on inherent limitations in feedback systems and on stability and performance in the presence of uncertainty. Important topics include: classic frequency domain methods extended to multivariable systems, directionality in MIMO systems, input-output controllability, Youla parametrization, uncertainty descriptions, gap metrics, linear fractional transformations, robustness analysis including the structured singular value mu, H2- and H-infty controller synthesis, H-infty loop shaping, mu-synthesis, integral quadratic constraints, linear matrix inequalities, control structure design


Undergraduate course in classic SISO control, elementary background in matrices and linear algebra. An introductory course in multivariable control is recommended, but not a requirement.


Course will be given next time in the fall term 2019.