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Registered participants
Finnish-Swedish Number Theory Conference
26-28 May, 2010
List of registered participants

Andersson Johan, University of Uppsala
Brzezinski Juliusz, Chalmers and University of Gothenburg
Ekedahl Torsten, University of Stockholm
El basraoui Abdelkrim, University of Ottawa
Eriksson Dennis, Chalmers
Ernvall-Hytönen Anne-Maria, KTH
Faber Carel, KTH
Granath Håkan, University of Karlstad
Haukkanen Pentti, University of Tampere
Hejhal Dennis, University of Uppsala
Hollanti Camilla, Universities of Tampere and Turku
Jutila Matti, University of Turku
Koivula Leena, University of Oulu
Kurlberg Pär, KTH
Leinonen Marko, University of Oulu
Lemurell Stefan, Chalmers
Marmon Oscar, Chalmers
Matala-aho Tapani, University of Oulu
Matomäki Kaisa, University of Turku
Merilä Ville, Grenoble
Metsänkylä Tauno, University of Turku
Meurman Tom, University of Turku
Olofsson Rikard, University of Uppsala
Pentikäinen Pekko, University of Turku
Schipani Davide, University of Zurich
Sillanpää Juha, University of Tampere
Stolin Alexander, Chalmers
Strömberg Fredrik, University of Darmstadt
Strömbergsson Andreas, University of Uppsala
Suvitie Eeva, University of Turku
Södergren Anders, University of Uppsala
Toth Laszlo, University of Pecs
Väänänen Keijo, University of Oulu
Wigman Igor, KTH
Zhao Liangyi, Nanyang Technological University and Max-Planck-Inst. Für Mathematik


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