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Finnish-Swedish Number Theory Conference
26-28 May, 2010
Call for talks

Finnish-Swedish number theory conference will be organized at KTH in May 2010.

Participants are kindly asked to register as early as possible by sending an email to hytonen [at] kth.se.

Update on May 21, 2010

We have a projector and a laptop with Ubuntu, a Mac, and a laptop with Windows XP. In addition to that, we have an overhead projector, and black board/white board depending on the room. If you have made your presentation using latex, and plan to give your talk using a computer, it is easiest if you copy your presentation in the final pdf form to a usb-stick.

Update on May 4, 2010

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we cannot accept any more talks.


If you have registered/tried to register by sending an email but your name has not appeared to the list od participants within two days, and Anne-Maria (hytonen at kth dot se) has not replied to your registration email, please send the registration email again. (Some emails have never arrived.)


professor Pär Kurlberg

Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen

Igor Wigman


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