SF3862 Nonlinear Systems: Analysis and Control

Credits: 7,5 HP.

Instructor: Xiaoming Hu

Literature: Lecture notes are available for download here (Password required). For further reading: Nonlinear systems (2nd edition) by H. Khalil, published by Prentice-Hall, ISBN is 0-13-228024-8.

Intended Audience: Graduate students and master students in applied mathematics and electrical engineering, and/or graduate students affiliated with the ACCESS graduate school.

Goal: This course gives an overview on nonlinear dynamical systems, presented from systems and control point of view. In this course, both analysis and synthesis techniques will be covered. Thus it is very suitable for students who want to have a basic understanding of nonlinear systems. We plan to cover a range of topics on nonlinear systems such as approximation methods, periodic solutions, Lyapunov stability, controllability and observability, feedback stabilization and output regulation.

Examination: Students are required to do the homework assignments and to pass the take-home final exam.

Course Plan:

There are about 12-14 lectures (two hours each), once or twice per week. Each of the following topics will be covered by one or several lectures: