AGI16 - Hoverbroom

Hoverbroom is a VR broom flying simulator. The player flies around an arena, activating gates and flying through them to collect points.

VR Flying Simulation

Fly through the Virtual Arena like a Cyberwizard.

Innovative Physical Broom Controller

Steer with our newly created controller, it feels like you actually sit on a broom.

Challanging Gameplay

Test your skills. Are you the best broom flying Cyberwizard?

Amazing Visual Effects

Be immersed by the stunning visual effects.


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Maria Krinaki

  • 3D modeling (broom, 4 different element gates, ammo) using Maya
  • 3D sculpting and painting, custom textures and normal maps using Mudbox
  • Mockups on Photoshop

Adrià Cruz

  • Gameplay/Mechanics, Game dynamics (scripting, collisions, game flow)
  • 3D modeling, texturing and normal mapping (modular arena) using 3D Studio Max
  • Terrain creation using Unity terrain toolkit
  • Advanced particle effects (ammunition, shooting, trails, exploding gates)
  • Art assets integration and testing
Hansjoerg Hofer Portrait

Hansjörg Hofer

Wei Wang

  • Time counter
  • Score counter
  • Oculus interaction testing

David Ringqvist

  • Physical broom controller
  • VR integration
  • Leaning control (Oculus head position)
  • Sound effect + dynamic wind
  • VR HUD Helmet + dynamic coloured visor
  • Vector infographics
  • Broom texture + normalmap
Lisa Schmitz Portrait

Lisa Schmitz

  • Interaction/Steering (Wiimote, Accelerometer + Infrared Data)
  • Tutorial programming
  • Physical broom controller

Making of Hoverbroom

These are some pictures which show how the project was developed.

Concept Art

Scene Mockup

Early Controller Ideas

Coding Session

Source Code

First Prototype

Forskar Fredag Booth

Controller Meeting

Final Broom Controller

Final Broom Controller Detail

Broom Model

Fire Gate Model

Final Game

ComicCon Booth

VIC Open House Booth