A Workshop in
Geometric and Global Properties in PDE with Applications 


Time and Place
June  11-14, 2003,    Stockholm,  Royal Inst. of Technology, D3 auditorium, Lindstedtsvägen 5
Luis Caffarelli UT  Austin   
Björn Gustafsson  KTH, Stockholm  
Kaj Nyström  Foreningssparbanken  
Henrik Shahgholian (Chairman) KTH, Stockholm   
Georg S. Weiss Univ. of Tokyo  
Key Words Geometric PDE, Global solutions, Free boundary problems, applications  of these. 
Scope The workshop will be devoted to questions concering  geometric properties in PDE,  global solutions,  monotonicity formulas,  free boundaries, as well as related applications. 
Most  problems in PDE have their origin in applied sciences in different fields such as combustion theory, fluid mechanics, mathematical finance, industrial mathematics, and biomathematics. Therefore we belive that the workshop should also bring about questions in this connection. 

Speakers Ambrosio L. 
Lee  K. (S.Korea),
Andersson J. (Stockholm) Markowich P. (Vienna),
Cabre X.  (Barcelona), Nirenberg  L. (NY), 
Feldman M. (Madison), Rodrigues J. F. (Lisboa),
Gomes D. (Lisboa),  Salsa S. (Milan), 
Han Q.  (Notre Dame), Savin O. (Austin)
Kawohl B. (Cologne), Souganidis  T. (Austin),
Lederman C. (Buenos Aires), Uraltseva  N. (St.Petersburg),
    Vazquez J.L. (Madrid),

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