FEP3301: Computational Game Theory

Instructions for the student presentation

Goal of the presentation

The goal of the student presentation is to
  • present complex theoretical work in an understandable way
  • initiate a discussion on the topic of the previous lectures
  • provide a critical interpretation of the paper to be presented

Format of the presentation

The presentation should by preference be based on slides. The whiteboard can be used of course if more convenient. The presenter should plan for about 15 minutes of presentation time, followed by a 5-10 minutes long discussion of the paper. The discussion should be led by the presenter.


When preparing the presentation please pay attention to the following:
  • Give a clear, concise description of the considered problem
  • Provide a critical view of the relevance of the problem
  • Describe the game theoretic model in a clear and understandable way
  • Explain how the model was derived from the actual problem, the trade-offs made
  • Discuss the most interesting analytical results
  • Are there any open questions addressed in the paper, and not yet solved in the literature? Study the related work, and the follow-ups if applicable. You can use publication databases to find papers that cite the paper that you present.