FEP3301: Computational Game Theory

You are welcome to propose a paper for your presentation (subject to approval by course resp.), or you can choose from the following list:

  1. Topic: Pure strategy Nash equilibria

    • P3.1: Scutari, Palomar, Barbarossa, "Asynchronous Iterative Water-Filling for Gaussian Frequency-Selective Interference Channels", in IEEE ToIT, 54(7), 2008
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  2. Topic: Mixed strategy equilibria, Bayesian games

    • P4.1: C. Jean, B. Jabbari, "Bayesian Game-theoretic Modeling of Transmit Power Determination in a Self-Organizing CDMA Wireless Network", in Proc. of IEEE VTC, 2004
    • P4.2: X. Chen, X. Deng, "Settling the Complexity of 2-Player Nash-Equilibrium", in Proc. of FOCS 2006 (Additional source: C. Daskalakis, P.W. Goldberg, C.H. Papadimitriou, "The Complexity of Computing a Nash Equilibrium", in Comm. of the ACM 52(2), pp. 89-97, 2009)
  3. Topic: Supermodular games and potential games

    • P5.1: C. Saraydar, N. Mandayam and D. Goodman, "Efficient power control via pricing in wireless data networks" in IEEE Trans. on Communications, 2002.
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  4. Topic: Extensive games, repeated games

    • P6.1: C. Long, Q. Zhang, B. Li, H. Yang, X. Guan, "Non-Cooperative Power Control for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Repeated Games", in IEEE JSAC, 25(6), pp. 1101-1112, 2007
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    • P6.7: S.Josilo, G. Dan, ``Joint Management of Wireless and Computing Resources for Computation Offloading in Mobile Edge Clouds,'' IEEE Trans. on Cloud Computing, to appear [pdf]
  5. Topic: Extensive games, stochastic games

    • P7.1: Y. Liu, C. Comaniciu, H. Man, "A Bayesian Game Approach for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks", in Proc. of Valuetools, 2006
    • P7.2: E. Altman, "Applications of dynamic games in queues", in The Annals of Dynamic Games, 2003
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  6. Topic: Coalition games

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  7. Topic: Coalition games, Mechanism design

    • P10.1 J.R. Marden, A. Wierman, "Distributed Welfare Games with Applications to Sensor Coverage", in Proc. of IEEE CDC 2008.
    • P10.2 S. Shih-Chung, M. van der Schaar, "On the Application of Game-Theoretic Mechanism Design for Resource Allocation in Multimedia Systems", in IEEE Trans. on Multimedia 10(6), pp. 1197-1207, 2008
    • S. Sharma and D. Teneketzis "Local Public Good Provisioning in Networks: A Nash Implementation Mechanism" IEEE JSAC, Dec. 2012.