A DH2650 Computer Game Design 2017 project.
The Team
Julia Sporre
Fredrik Spansk
Jeesup Kim
Jacob Tärning
Kai Cheng
Game Concept
The core concept of Arrrrr is airship pirates vying for control over your table by engaging your enemies in a strategic combat using your smartphones to both view and command your ships in augmented reality, scanning in pre purchased multi-targeted boxes to use the airships they represent in-game.

The players begin by scanning a centerpiece acting as an anchor to the map. After that they scan every multi-targeted box that they intend to use in this engagement. When both players are ready they the combat begins and they take turns activating their ships, moving and shooting as much as the ship’s action points allow. When a player have no ships left to use or feel satisfied the turn switches over to the other player. This continues until either one side is wiped out or the objective of the match has been completed and the remaining or completing side is declared as winner.
Arrrrr is developed for mobile platforms, and is planned to be released on both Android and iOS. We are using Vuforia as AR engine, and are developing the game itself in Unity. Blender is used to create models and Git as version control
Goals & Challenges
Our short term goals are to get this game released to the shelves of different board game stores and to get customers to see that we are not like other board games. This will be done by a marketing campaign focused at these stores. Our long term goals are to keep the player base by releasing new material and expansions to the game.

A big challenge in this project was getting Vuforia to work as intended. Our initial idea was to use our game pieces as 3D Markers and keep them on the table as an interactive part throughout the game. After several days of work we had to scrap that idea and scale down the AR involvement. We decided to stick by our core idea though and keep both the game pieces and the scanning of ships. But instead of scanning the pieces themselves as 3D Markers, we are scanning the boxes the pieces are delivered in as Multitargets (basically a box with up to 6 different Image Targets). We also decided to remove the physical interaction during gameplay and moving everything into the virtual space.
Business plan
Arrrrr will be released as a hybrid between a traditional board game and a mobile game. This is an unsaturated niche within the market with not a lot of direct competitors. The mobile app will be free and our main source of income will be the buying of physical game pieces. These pieces will be real models of the maps and ships that they represent in the game.

Post release we will keep adding new maps and ships with their respective physical models. We might also host special events where players can come and play a tournament, where the winners will recieve special kinds of ships.