Mini-conference in PDEs

December 11-13, KTH, Stockholm

Supported by the Swedish Research Council, grant no. 2012-3124 and 2013-1841-99297-16.

Speakers & titles

Mark Allen: A free boundary problem on three-dimensional cones

Lorenzo Brasco: A spectral investigation on the p-Laplacian

Eleonora Cinti: Flatness results for nonlocal phase transitions in low dimensions

Giovanni Franzina: Phase transitions and prescribed mean curvature hypersurfaces in the hyperbolic n-space

Dennis Krivenstov: A Free Boundary Problem Related to Thermal Insulation

Peter Lindqvist: Shadows of Infinities

Idriss Mazari: Optimal location of resources for diffusive logistic models

Kaj Nyström: Boundary value problems and the Kato square root problem for parabolic operators with measurable coefficients

Mikko Parviainen: Normalized equations and generalizations

Yannick Privat: Optimal shape and location of actuators or sensors in PDE models

Xavier Ros-Oton: The obstacle problem for the fractional Laplacian with critical drift

Martin Strömqvist: Local boundedness of solutions to non-local parabolic equations modeled on the fractional p-Laplacian

List of abstracts

Schedule: All talks take place in 3418.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
10.00-10.50: Mikko Parviainen 10.00-10.50: Lorenzo Brasco 10.00-10.50: Mark Allen
10:50-11:40: Kaj Nyström Coffee Coffee
Lunch 11.10-12.00: Yannick Privat 11.10-12.00: Martin Strömqvist
13.30-14.20: Dennis Krivenstov 12.00-12.50: Peter Lindqvist 12.00-12.50: Giovanni Franzina
14.20-15.10: Eleonora Cinti Lunch Lunch
15.00-15.50: Idriss Mazari
15.50-16.40: Xavier Ros-Oton
18.30: Dinner

Organizers: Erik Lindgren and Henrik Shahgholian

Local contact: Erik Lindgren, eriklin(snabel-a)

Local information: All international speakers will stay at Hotel Arcadia. For information how to get there from the airport, please follow the link. From the hotel, it is a ten-minute walk to the Dept of Mathematics, KTH. The talks will take place in 3418.