Chinese-Swedish workshop in nonlinear PDEs

September 3-4, KTH, Stockholm

Supported by grant no. V-2016-0489 and STINT.

Speakers & titles

Esther Daus: Reaction-cross diffusion systems and their derivation from microscopic models

Maria Gualdani: Regularity for the homogeneous Landau equation

Simon Larson: Asymptotic problems in spectral shape optimization

Yachun Li: Well-posedness of Radiation Hydrodynamics Equations for compressible fluids

Chengjie Liu: Prandtl boundary layer theory for MHD equations in Sobolev spaces without monotonicity

Weike Wang: Nonlinear evolutionary systems and Green's function

Yaguang Wang: On analysis of the Prandtl boundary layer

Nicola Zamponi: A non-local porous media equation

List of abstracts

Schedule: All talks take place in F11.

Monday Tuesday
09.30-10.20: Yachun Li 09.30-10.20: Chengie Liu
Coffee Coffee
10.40-11.30: Maria Gualdani 10.40-11.30: Nicola Zamponi
11.30-12.20: Yaguang Wang 11.30-12.20: Weike Wang
Lunch Lunch
14.00-14.50: Simon Larson
14.50-15.40: Esther Daus
18.30: Dinner

Organizers: Erik Lindgren (erik.lindgren(snabel-a) and Henrik Shahgholian (henriksh(snabel-a)

Local information: All international speakers will stay at Hotel Arcadia. For information how to get there from the airport, please follow the link. From the hotel, it is a ten-minute walk to the Dept of Mathematics, KTH. The talks will take place in F11.