Running Othello

      On the right of the screen you will find the control panel, shown in figure 0.
Figure 0
      With the Mode-button, you can choose who will control the two players. Next to the two chips are two displays, showing either HU - human controls player - or AI - computer controls player. All combinations are possible. Remember that black always begins.
      The Start/reset-button will start the game if it is not running.
    During gameplay, the Start/reset-button will break termination, and return to start-up-mode. This is also the case, when the game has finished.
      During gameplay, the LEDs keep track of how many black and white chips are on the gameboard. The diodes to the left of the chips implicate whose turn it is.
      When the game is over, the diode next to the winner will start blinking. If there was a draw, both diodes will blink.

How to play Othello



    The board is initiated as shown in figure 1. Figure 1


    The players take turns in placing one chip at the time in one of the empty squares of the gameboard. Black begins.


    Every chip placed on the board has to flip at least one of the opponent's chips. A chip is flipped if it is trapped between the chip that was just placed and another chip of the opponent's color. In figure 2, if white places a chip in square A, the result will be that of figure 3. Figure 2
Figure 3


    The number of flipped chips in one turn is only limited by the size of the gameboard. If in figure 4, white decides to place his/her chip in square A, the result will be that of figure 5.


    If one player cannot place a chip (under the requirements of point 3), he/she has to pass and let the opponent make his/her move.


    The game ends when neither player can place a chip on the board. Especially, this is the case if the gameboard is filled, or all chips are of the same color.
    He/she wins, who has the most chips of his/her color on the gameboard.
  Figure 4 Figure 5

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