Nerds Opposing “Mothers Against Maddox”


This is the offical web site of Nerds Opposing “Mothers Against Maddox” (NO-MAM). Mothers Against Maddox (mirror) is web site dedicated to the removal of The Best Page in the Universe from the face of the Internet. The leader of this group of self-proclaimed “experts in knowing what’s best for you” is a sick, frightened, prejudice, arrogant, hateful person by the name of Beth Robbins. Her web site is giving children and parents the wrong ideas about life and the world in which we live.

Beth Robbins is an extremely egotistical human being and her ego grows as the number of parents that get lured into her site increase. By using twisted “ethics”, she tricks parents into believing her single-minded, biased opinions about people, the world, and life in general.

I discovered her web site when Maddox himself linked to it. I was shocked to find out that there were actually people going to this site on a constant basis. I do not want them to view such trash on the web, pages that promote censorship, hatered, and bad-attitude. However, I cannot force them not to go there, just as she cannot force you or your children not to go there.

What needs to be done is to show the world that her behaviour is untolerable and anti-democratic, and that her views are insulting to the vast majority of web users.

How can I help?

The purpose of NO-MAM is not to shut her site down. On the contrary, she has the right to speak her mind, as do you and I—and Maddox! There are, however, a few reasons why she is an idiot and needs to know about it.

To help NO-MAM spread its message, you can link to this web page, tell your friends about it, and photocopy it and staple it to your coworkers’ computer screens. Feel free to use the logo on your web site to show your support.


Some of the text on this web page may have been copied verbatim or modified from Mothers Against Maddox. This is commonly referred to as “parody”. Some of the text on this page may constitute libel. This is commonly referred to as “satire”.

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