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New updates 26/3 2001
A little information about myself
My name is Per-Anders Staav and I live in Stockholm. During daytime I study electrical engineering at the Royal Insititute of Technology but later on I will probably turn into the field of computer science later since I find this topic very interesting.

In my spare time I am a scout leader and choir singer in the church that I belong to.

One thing that I do other than this is that I am the project leader of the Crel Gala project. I and the rest of the members of Vulture Games Software are busy creating a real roleplaying game for computers. You are welcome to visit us at our home page at Vulture Games Software

The game will of course be very interesting with an interesting plotline from one of my old campaigns and set in my world of Finatchia that is described on this page.

If you want to contact me you can send an email to Per-Anders Staav