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Dog's Breath
Sony's official AiC homepage. Heavy graphics guide you through biographys, news, many movie clips and get you great info on the band.
Driven by: Sony music

Whoa, this site is one of the GREAT! It has everything. Pictures, lyrics, interviews, tabs, video clips and all sorts of info. Always up to date with confirmation or denial of the latest rumors.
Nowadays it even got a link to my page, so it's complete :)
Driven by: Hugo Trépanier

Into the Flood Again
All you ever wanted to know: images, soundclips, history, interviews and tour info. Recently resurrected this page is FABULOUS for everyone who's into AiC...
Driven by: Hugo Trépanier (originally Mike Coleman)

Jerry Cantrell
Cantrell seems to be the kind of guy women choose first... this is a site dedicated to Jerry. And yeah, there's loads of stuff 'bout Alice too. Intelligent Nina lets us choose what we want to see, for optimal speed on the system. Check it out!
Driven by: Nina Hays

Sludge Factory
Articles, history, tabs (guitar and bass), info, info and more info. This page is one of the great, with all you can ask for and then some :)
Driven by: Neil Womack
Page where to buy everything AIC. Real Audio samples from every album and even some mpg's. Not so much info on AIC though.
Driven by: David McCollum

Rocks You
Amazing site with lyrics and soundclips (.au format) of ALL songs from each album! (not SAP)... Also guitartabs to many songs.
Driven by: Kenan Omurtag

On this site you find lyrics, info on the guys and one (1!) soundclip. Feels a little empty actually...
Driven by: imusic

Them Bones
Short tribute to AiC. Really cool page with quotes from the guys in AiC!! (I got most of my quotes from here)
Driven by: Mike Marycz (aka SpideyMike :)

Down in a Hole
This one's even got a chat-room for maximum coolness. Lotsa great pictures and clips and articles. You even win prizes if you visit it often ;)
Driven by: Allen Massre

Info on every single bootleg available. If you wonder which songs are on a specific AiC bootleg, all you have to do is visit this site and your question will be answered! Also some pix from various bootleg booklets.
Driven by: Keith R. Haynes

 A Hole in the Web
A very good and nice-looking site. Original and contains everything you ever wanted. Best of all: The site is located in my hometown Uppsala, Sweden :)
driven by: Martin Andér

Cover Story
With Alice Unchained and Alice's Maddening Season, two great interviews with AiC members Sean Kinney and Jerry Cantrell

The Frequently Asked Questions and some more are answered on this page. Very amusing and actually interesting.
Driven by: Hugo Trépanier

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