A C-program for encoding POCSAG-packages


Radio paging is defined as "non-speech, one-way, personal selective calling system with alert, without message or with defined message such as numeric or alphanumeric" in CCIR's recommendation defined below.

POCSAG is a protocol for transmitting data to pagers. It is also called Radio Paging Protocol No. 1. The protocol is used for example in the swedish pagernet MiniCall.


I have made a C-program that calculates what to send in batches. The program has been tested in a practical application. By feeding the result into a 68HC11-based computer and then modulating a transmitter on 168.9 MHz. Magnus made this system and now - when the phone calls - triggers an old pager for the swedish MiniCall system.
Here is the sourcecode zipped (11443 bytes).
Please tell me if liked it or something :-) .

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Sources of information on POCSAG and pagers:

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