Multi User Domain 'n stuff

WARNING, WARNING, MUD is fun, but can be VERY addictive!!

General info about:
o Cardiff's MUD Page.
o Crossfire.
o Doran's Mudlist.
o Fantasy and Other Role-Playing Games (RPGs).
o Map and explaination about the timezones in the world.
o RiffRaff's Unofficial List of Diku Mud Homepages.
o The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page.
Frequently Asked Questions:
o Basic Information about MUDs and MUDding.
o MUD Clients and Servers(RPGs).
o Basic Information on RWHO and "mudwho".
Here you can try some VERY different MUDs (dikustyle):
o AlexMUD: Rather easy, good one to start with!
o AnotherMUD: Multiplay allowed, and an overall a very good MUD.
o Burning: Yes, it's up again! No multiplay but still a POWERMUD.
o MUME: Tolkien inspired MUD. VrAK's Unofficial Pages

Last changed: 23 Jul 1996
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