My homepage (sort of)

Since I really don't want to put too much work into this (plus I suck at HTML) you probably won't find this a very eastechically pleasing experience. This page will however forever be free of crap like javascript, frames, flashing text and other such things that I find incredibly annoying.

This space intentionally left blank. It should be full of personal info sometime in the future, but I just couldn't think of anything amusing to write. Or anything boring to write, for that matter. (Oh wait, I just did. Damn.)

Would you perhaps be interested in some projects I've been involved in?
Beware! These are only in very rare cases useful to anyone besides me.

Mail me at Elektro or tritech or perhaps PDC. The result is pretty much the same...
Or perhaps a little more oldfashioned way of contacting me?

These pages should look like crap with any browser :-)