The input file starts with the statement:
.v number_of_vertices
which specifies the total number of vertices in the Boolean network. We assume that vertices are labeled from 1 to number_of_vertices.

Then, the description of Boolean functions associated to vertices follows in the following format:
.n vertex's_label number_of_regulators list_of_labels_of_regulators
input_values output_value
input_values output_value
For example, the description of a vertex labeled by 1 with two regulators labeled by 2 and 3, which has an associated function OR can be given as follows:
.n 1 2 2 3
00 0
01 1
10 1
11 1
Note, that it you need to enumerate both, the input assignments for which the function evaluates to 1, as well as the input the input assignments for which the function evaluates to 0.

One can use the symbol "-" meaning "both 0 and 1" to reduce the description of the input part:
.n 1 2 2 3
00 0
-1 1
1- 1
A line which starts with "#" is commented out. Comments are useful for relating labels of vertices to the actual names of genes.

As an example, see the input description of the Boolean network model of Arabidopsis thaliana.