Workshop on:

Solving polynomial equations
CIAM/KTH Feb. 21-25


G. Ottaviani
Title: Computing a Waring decomposition of a polynomial
J. Walker
Title:  Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory: more than just algebraic geometry codes.
M.A Cueto
Title: Implicitization of surfaces via geometric tropicalization
F. Sottile
Title: Upper and Lower bounds on the number of  real solutions to systems of equations.

M. Drton
Title:  Identifiability of linear structural equation models
M. Greferath
Title: Algebraic Coding Theory over Finite Rings
P. Rostalski
Title: Finding Real Roots and Bermeja
E. Gorla
Title: An optimal algebraic construction for random network coding.

J.C Faugére
Title: Gröbner Bases of structured polynomial systems and Applications
R. Thomas
Title: Cone Lifts of Convex Bodies
A. Jensen
Title: Spatial central configurations in the five-body problem
O. Milenkovic
String Reconstruction from Substring Compositions
T. Lange

J. Håstad
Title: Some complexity theoretic results on polynomial equations.
D. Cartwright
Title: Non-interference in communications channels
R. Smarandache
Title: Structural properties of QC-LDPC codes
J. Hauenstein
Title: Solving polynomial systems using regeneration

M. Schweighofer
The sums of squares dual of a semidefinite program
D. Eklund
Title: Computing Segre classes
P. Brandén
Title: Preservers of polynomials and transcendental entire functions
with prescribed non-vanishing properties



  • CIAM (Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) at KTH
  • KTH
  •  Gustafsson Foundation. 

It is an activity in connection with the special semester "Algebraic Geometry with a view towards Applications" which takes place at the
 Mittag-Leffler Institute.

W. Chacholski (KTH)
S. Di Rocco (KTH)
B. Sturmfels (Berkeley)
J. Rosenthal (Zurich)