(Etna Triangulations & Algebra Meeting)

Catania, Sicily, Febr. 20-24, 2013

Organized by Bruno Benedetti.

Concept: A 3-day meeting on combinatorial topology and applications to algebra, with a special focus on promising young researchers. The meeting is by invitation only.

Location: Excelsior Grand Hotel, Piazza Giovanni Verga 39, Catania. The hotel is in the very center of Catania, in front of the Tribunal.

How to get there: A few companies fly directly to the Catania airport (Air Berlin, Alitalia, Air France, KLM). Another option is the Palermo airport; Palermo is also accessible via ferry. There are buses leaving approximately every hour from the Palermo railway station to the Catania station. Finally, Ryan Air flies to Trapani, but it takes quite a while to commute from there to Catania (Trapani-Palermo via bus is 90 min., then one has to change to the Palermo-Catania bus.)

Lodging and Reimbursement: A number of rooms will be reserved at the Excelsior Grand Hotel, for a stay of 4 nights (check-in the 20th, check-out the 24th). The invited speakers will be later reimbursed of their travel costs; the hotel bill is picked up directly by us. The person in charge of the reimbursement procedure is Ann-Britt Öhman, administrator at KTH (annbritt at She will ask you to send her the receipts and fill in a form, and then she will proceed to the money transfer.

Program: Here is a tentative schedule (PDF).
Arrivals on the 20th; there will be seminars on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd, starting at 9am. If the weather permits, we will go for an excursion. No activity is scheduled for the 24th. All seminars will take place inside the Excelsior Grand Hotel.

Confirmed Participants: Afshin Goodarzi (KTH), Alexander Engström (Aalto), Alfio Ragusa (U Catania), Anders Björner (KTH), Antonio Macchia (U Bari), Bruno Benedetti (KTH), Carlos D'Andrea (U Barcelona), Emanuele Ventura (SSC Catania), Erik Aas (KTH), Ivan Martino (Stockholm U), Katharina Jochemko (FU Berlin), Laura Torrente (U Genova), Mimi Tsuruga (TU Berlin), Ornella Greco (KTH), Oscar Fernandez-Ramos (U Genova), Patrik Norèn (Aalto), Samu Potka (Aalto).

Scientific Committee: Alexander Engström, Bruno Benedetti
Local Organizers: Ivan Martino, Ornella Greco