Bo Wahlberg                                                              

Professor and Head of Division of Decision and Control Systems

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

SE-100 44 Stockholm


Phone: +46-8-790 7242 (work)

Phone: +46 70 565 5846 (mobile)


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·       I am the professor of chair in Automatic Control at KTH since 1991.

·       I am an IEEE Fellow since 2007 for my contribution to system identification using orthonormal basis functions.

·       I am an IFAC Fellow since 2019 for contributions to system identification and the development of orthonormal basis function.

My main research interests include system identification, modeling and control of industrial processes, machine learning and statistical signal processing with applications in automated transportation systems.

For more details see my CV , the DiVA publication data base or Google Scholar

Our book

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 is available on-line

The slides from my 2016 Chinese Control Conference Plenary on Convex Relaxation Techniques for Control and System Identification can be found at here


Our 2021 article WARA-PS: a research arena for public safety demonstrations and autonomous collaborative rescue robotics experimentation by Olov Andersson  Patrick Doherty, Mårten Lager, Jens-Olof Lindh, Linnea Persson, Elin A. Topp, Jesper Tordenlid and Bo Wahlberg

can be found here




Last modified:  December 7, 2021