Constructions in Dynamics

PhD Course Fall 2022

This is a reading/seminar course where the participants, in turn, present results from dynamical systems at the weekly seminars. The participants are also expected to submit short summaries of selected papers. The topics focus on constructive methods in dynamical systems and include: examples and theorems in smooth dynamical systems and ergodic theory, KAM theory, Arnold diffusion and others.

Teachers: Maria Saprykina and Kristian Bjerklöv

Recommended prerequisites: a basic course in dynamical systems, good knowledge of basic real and functional analysis.

First meeting: Friday September 9, at 13:15 in room 3721. At this meeting we will briefly discuss the format of the course and distribute the assignments for the first round of presentations. If you plan to participate, and cannot attend the meeting, please contact Maria Saprykina.