Hi, I'm ArvinBehshad.

About me Me

About Me:

Some things I love

  • Breaking Bad [>]
  • Reddit [>]
  • Stanley Kubrik [>]
  • Quentin Tarantino [>]
  • Louis CK [>]
  • Indie music [>]
  • Jokes, good or bad [>]

I'm a tech geek studying Computer Science and Engineering at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. I love meeting new people to share experiences, culture, language and expertise - which is precisely why I enjoy Couchsurfing.org so much. I spend most of my free time either with friends, or making friends!

I firmly believe that every citizen should have a decent understanding and a fair grasp over the political structure in their respective country. I try to be active within the European Youth Parliament, an excellent medium through which I get to voice my opinion on political matters while meeting like-minded individuals from all over Europe.

I like to learn more about the world every day. I'm a guy fueled with excitement to try new things and live life to its fullest. Experiences are priceless and I want to be part of as many as possible - together with the friends that I've made along the way!

I love computers and everything techy as well as meaningful movies and music.


Psst! Check out my Github profile for the latest projects ;)