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Enforcer: Fault injection for Java/JUnit


Enforcer tests exception handlers in Java for you.

In a typical test suite, many possible exceptions (such as for input/output) are not covered. Each method call that may throw exceptions may have an effect on the program, but systematic testing of this is hard. Enforcer will run all JUnit-based unit tests, analyze exception coverage, and re-run an instrumented version of your program which automatically tests all exceptions. Step by step, Enforcer generates exceptions at different code locations. This forces execution to go through previously uncovered exceptions. By analyzing the unit test structure first, Enforcer is much more efficient than other fault injection tools. Read more... (manual.pdf)


enforcer-1.0.tar.gz Source distribution (version 1.0, includes all files)
enforcer-1.0.jar Binary distribution (version 1.0, requires serp.jar and junit3.8.1.jar)
serp.jar SERP, required to run Enforcer
junit3.8.1.jar JUnit version 3.8.1, required to run Enforcer
LICENSE License: New BSD License
README README: Short documentation
manual.pdf Manual: Getting started with Enforcer

Publications about Enforcer

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