Chinese Connection

• Teaching  photo1, photo2, photo3

• PhD Commencement 2015: photo1, photo2, photo3

• Pujiang Innovation Forum (Future Science Forum) Link
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• Interview in China Business News

• Colloquium


• Foreign Experts Affairs

• Expert Assessment of Academy of Mathematics and Systems Analysis (AMSS), Beijing
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• International Evaluation Committee of the Department of Mathematics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, July 2014

• In the Great Hall of the People

• In the Mayor’s office, Shanghai  photo1, photo2, photo3

• Chinese Academy of Sciences:
Chinese link1, Chinese link2, Letter, Shanghai Daily, Link1, Link2, Newsletter, Induction ceremony, Photo1, Photo2

• SJTU links: Academicians, Automation
, Celebration, CAS induction

• SJTU 120th Anniversary   China Daily link

• Visit to CAS Institute of Automation

• Shanghai Magnolia Award, September 7, 2016, Medal, Photo, Link, Shanghai Daily, Photo

• Welcoming the freshmen to SJTU speech, photo1, photo2

• SJTU Future Information Technology International Forum for Young Scholars (2nd SIFYS-2017), Shanghai, April 13, 2017 photo, TV video

• Interview

• Honorary Professor at China University of Petroleum, Qingdao, China, Diploma, Photo1, Photo2

• Visit to Beijing Jiao Tong University, November 16, 2017, photo1, photo2, photo3

• Signing ceremony, Academician studio, Ningbo, May 18, 2018, another link

• Great Hall of the People, May 28, 2018, photo1, photo2