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Welcome to my former web space at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. During my stay at KTH I completed a PhD in the area of privacy in the next generation Internet and a Licenciate Thesis that included a protocol to enable seamless mobility inside of a pseudonymous IP network.


- My first published paper in Sweden back in November 2000 was 'From the Peruvian Amazonia to the Swedish Silicon Valley' and the latest one 'Bringing Kiswahili into the world of ICT' in April 2004.
- I completed my PhD (2002-12-04) in my 20's, exactly at the age of 29 years and 364 days. My PhD was the result of 999 "full" working days and the day of my disputation a solar eclipse was arranged.
- After completing my PhD I got interviewed at the IT University becouse I got my hair cut.
- The day of my 30th birthday my research got media coverage.
- Exactly one year later (30 years 364 days), (2003-12-04) I presented the result of my work in a festival for spoken word and experimental electronica musique.
- That the Washington Times has included our work on the use of RFIDs at the WSIS as a Top Story during the day that Sadaam was captured.
- One year later, the 4th December 2004 (2004-12-04) we announced the first ever release of a free office suite software in Swahili, called "Jambo OpenOffice"
- The 11th May 2006, 1285 days after completing my PhDJambo OpenOffice.org was awarded with the Stockholm Challenge 2006 award in education.
- The 4th of December 2006, we announced the booklet VoIP4D Primer - Building Voice Infrastructure in Developing Regions translated to four languages.

20050201 - present

I am working as a consultant for IT +46 in the areas of localization, wireless, free software, VoIP and security-privacy.

20040701 - 20050201

From September 2004 to February 2005, I was a research fellow at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. During my stay I was the technical coordination of the Kilinux, klnX Project. The klnX project is an effort to localize Open Source Software to Swahili language.

During my stay in Tanzania i worked with Jambo OpenOffice, the first release of an Office Suite in Swahili.


Now that i am back in Europe, i am reachable at aep - it46.se

Jina langu ni Alberto Escudero-Pascual, nimezaliwa Valladolid (Uhispania) Ambapo niliishi mpaka nikamaliza sekondari mwaka 1990. Baadae nilipata shahada ya uzamili wa sayansi ya mawasiliano ya anga katika kitengo cha uhandisi(Madrid,ETSIT 1999) baadae nilipata shahada ya falsafa ya usalama na sitara ya kompyuta katika Swedish Royal Institute of technology. Mwaka 2004, baada ya miaka mitano katika taaluma ya kimataifa niliamua kuanzisha kampuni yangu ili niweze kumakinia changamoto za usoni kufanya kazi karibu zaidi na nchi zinazoendelea. Kampuni yangu inachangia zaidi ya asilimia thelasini ya saa za kazi kwa miradi isiyoingiza faida katika nchi zinazoendelea. Wajibu wangu katika mradi huu ni kuhakikisha kwamba timu nzuri ya kuswahilisha programu ya linux inaanzishwa chuo kikuu cha Dar es salaam mwishoni mwa makaazi yangu hapa Tanzania.

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