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Björn Lisper

New main affiliation: from July 1, 1999 I am professor at Dept. of Computer Science and Electronics, University College of Mälardalen in the city of Västerås. I have a home page under construction there. Although not formally affiliated with KTH anymore, I still keep an office there. E-mail:

Professional address (KTH): IMIT / KTH, Electrum 229, S-164 40 Kista, Sweden

Visiting address: KTH, Isafjordsgatan 39, Kista ("Forum")

Home address: Oxelvägen 20, S-175 64 Järfälla, Sweden

Phone work: (46) 21-15 17 09 (University of Mälardalen), (46) 8-790 4126 (KTH), home (46) 8-36 07 99

Primary research interests: Purely functional formulations of data parallelism; Theory for efficient implementation of declarative languages; the matching of algorithm to architecture; Transformations of programs with concurrency and nondeterminism. Real-time and embedded systems, in particular their specification programming, and analysis.

This is my personal CV (pdf).

Some representative publications and reports (from my time at KTH):

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