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Till Grüne-Yanoff

Till Gruene-Yanoff

Till Grüne-Yanoff is associate professor ("Universitetslektor") of philosophy at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

His research focuses on the philosophy of science and on decision theory. In particular, he investigates the practice of modelling in economics and other social sciences, develops formal models of preference change and discusses the use of models in policy decision making. Click here for his Google Scholar page.

Till is also a member of the TINT Finnish Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of Social Science in Helsinki, sponsored by the Academy of Finland.

He lives with his wife and his two children in the beautiful Vasastan neighborhood of Stockholm.


21-01-2014 My paper "Teaching Philosophy of Science to Scientists: Why, What and How"is now in print in European Journal for Philosophy of Science, Volume 4, Issue 1, 115-134

09-01-2014 My paper "Appraising Non-Representational Models" is now in print in Philosophy of Science ,Vol. 80, No. 5, 850-861.

05-01-2014 Back in Stockholm from my Sabbatical!

21-11-2013 My paper "Teaching Philosophy of Science to Scientists: Why, What and How", has been accepted for publication in the European Journal for Philosophy of Science

12-12-2013 Invited to the workshop Computer Simulations, Grenoble, talking on "Intuition in Scientific Modelling: Its Justifications and Their Methodological Implications"

26-10-2013 Invited to the workshop Conference on Liberty in the Protective State, Budapest, talking on "The Democratic Limitations of Nudge Policies"

17-10-2013 Talking on "Welfare Assessment of Default-Setting Policies" at Behavioural Economics: Science, Philosophy, and Policy-Making, Trento

23-09-2013 My reply Genuineness resolved: a reply to Reiss' purported paradox, is now in print at Journal of Economic Methodology 20(3)

12-09-2013 Invited to the workshop ÜberÖkonomieDenken - Ökonomie überdenken, Berlin, talking on "Some Justifications of MicroModels - and their Limits"

12-09-2013 My paper Preference Change and Conservatism is now in print at Synthese 190(14), pp. 2623-2641

27-08-2013 Talking on "Model exchanges and their interdisciplinary success" at the pre-EPSA symposium Towards Philosophies of Interdisciplinarity, Helsinki

23-07-2013 Our special issue of Perspectives on Science Modeling Practices in the Social and Human Sciences. An Interdisciplinary Exchange (edited with Mary Morgan), is now in print

01-07-2013 I will spend my sabbatical (until the end of 2013) at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. See you there!

14-03-2013 Invited to the workshop Understanding through modeling, Bochum, talking on "Learning Possibilities from Credible Models"

14-03-2013 Talking on "Teaching Philosophy of Science to Scientists: Why, What and How" at GWP 2013, Hannover

05-12-2012 Talking on "Exclusion Criteria for Adaptive Preferences" at LSE's Choice Group

16-11-2012 Talking on "Appraising Non-Representational Models" at PSA 2012 in San Diego

09-11-2012 Karl Engvers stiftelse kindly offered to pay my trip to PSA. Thanks!

24-10-2012 Invited to the workshop Topics in Economics and Philosophy in Uppsala, talking on "Preference Consolidation and Endogenous Entrenchment"

05-10-2012 Invited to the workshop What is Interdisciplinary Success? in Lund, talking on "Investigating model exchanges for their interdisciplinary success"

31-09-2012 Talking on "Preference Consolidation and Endogenous Entrenchment" at Frontiers of Rationality and Decision in Groningen

12-06-2012 My paper "Appraising Non-Representational Models" has been accepted in Philosophy of Science

20-06-2012 Invited to the workshop Collective Decisions in Hamburg, talking on "Appraising Non-Representational Models"

15-06-2012 Talking on "Appraising Non-Representational Models" at Models & Simulations 5 in Helsinki

12-05-2012 Talking on "Rationality Assumptions as an Answer to Negative Performativity" at Naturalism and Normativity in the Social Sciences in Hradec Kralove,CZ

19-04-2012 Talking on "Evolutionary Game Theory, Learning Dynamics and Mechanisms" at GIRL'12@LUND

01-04-2012 My article "Old Wine In New Casks: Libertarian Paternalism Still Violates Liberal Principles" is now in print in Social Choice and Welfare Volume 38, Issue 4, pp 635-645.

01-01-2012 Since January 2012 I am associate editor of the Journal of Economic Methodology.

28-10-2011 The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) generously awarded me a three-year grant (SEK 1 Mio) for the project "Assisted Decision Making - A Philosophical Investigation". The project will start January 2012.

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